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Our Food

About FEU Noodle Bar

“Feu” is French for Fire! Pronounced (feuh) is a word some say originated the name for the popular Vietnamese noodle soup “Pho”. At Feu Noodle Bar, we are known for our unique and eclectic flavors of our dishes. We are not your typical pho restaurant out there so come visit us with an open mind.

Our Pho Broth

Slowly simmered with assorted quality beef and bones for over 8 hours.

Fresh spices and vegetables

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House made dipping sauces

House made dipping sauces for your choice of meat inside your pho.


Our focus is on high quality ingredients and patient techniques when it comes to our food. Thinking outside the box is the perfect way to describe who we are and what we are about. We don’t just talk the talk, we“wok the wok” so come see what the “FIRE” is all about!

Our pho broth is slowly simmered with assorted quality beef and bones for over 8 hours. Then the spices and vegetables are added to enhance the flavors. We offer our house made black garlic hoisin which goes through a week long fermentation process, to dip the tender juicy meats that are abundant in the soup. If you’re looking for some “fire” in your broth, we offer a house made garlic chili oil that will spice up your day.